About Us.

The Magic Mop was founded in 2000, by Liliana Reyes Avalos. Her journey started in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Now, her house cleaning is done all over the Bay Area.

Eco-Friendly  .  Family  .  Harmony    

Our Clients

More like family. Our services has impacted many homes and have clients for over 20 years. Families understand the importance of keeping our planet healthy and their homes fresh.

Hear it from our clients themselves!

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The Team

House cleaning is not possible without our talented cleaners. The Magic Mop cares for the wellbeing and safety of our team. Our employees go through a training on how to use our Magical Solutions, care for themselves, and treat our clients like family. 

See us in Action.

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Impact on Environment 

The Magic Mop has high standards in keeping our planet healthy. We have our own cleaning solutions that keeps your house fresh and planet clean! They are made with natural ingredients! Want to experience a fresh house, call us today!


Due to the Global Pandemic, we are taking action to ensure the safety of everyone. We have certifications that has impacted the way we clean. We have developed a new system that will keep your family and our team safe. 

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